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The rebirth of Lágymányosi bay

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The story of the bay of Lánymányos and the Kopaszi dike

The story of Lágymányosi bay is closely connected to the story of Lágymányos, the youngest part of the 11th district.

After the flood of 1838, authorities began to transform the area in accordance with the flood protection regulations of the time. The first change was the construction of the embankment shore at the southern foot of Gellért Hill, which resulted in a separate, cone-shaped lake, called Lágymányos Lake.

In 1870, the so-called parallel bay works of Kopaszi were built. The bay that was built under the connecting railway bridge, was created as per the requirements of the those times, equipped with railways to suit both up- and offloading of goods as a winter harbor. The next change in the area was the building of József Műegyetem, as it was called at the time, (University of Technology), when they built-up a 72,000 hectare area around the university from the northern part of the lake.

It was also favorable for the development of the area that by 1937, three southern Danube bridges were built, hereby making the accessibility of the area easier. Simultaneously with the construction works of the bridge at Boráros square in 1930, they started the embankment of the northern part of Lágymányos Lake close to the railway bridge.

The soil needed for the embankment was gained by the sweeping of the southern part of the harbor. Therefore, the sweeping had double effects, since the backwater of the Danube was embanked, by which useful building site was gained, and the planned winter harbor became usable. In the bay, besides functioning as a harbor, , sports gained an important role as well.

First, as the lake of Lánymányos, and later as a bay, it was a much desired recreational area for bathing, swimming, sport fishing and rowing, used and visited by those who lived there This role remained following the II World War, but then, from1950 on due to the large build-sites and development activities, the area began to shrink, and the state of all the recreation and leisure establishments that had been operating for decades continuously declined.

The development of the area received a new movement, when in 2003 the local government of the district and the owner of the surrounding building sites, established a joint enterprise called Öböl XI Ltd., so that the area could finally reach its highest and best use.

The developmental area in the ownership of Öböl Ltd. exceeds 56 hectares.

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